Therapy and coaching

In my way of working, therapy and coaching complement each other. It is the combination of empowering - putting you in your power - in coaching and looking into what is in the way or blocking you from the past or unconscious - in therapy, what makes that healing can take place and you regain control over your life.

In therapy

In therapy you reconnect with your authentic self (soul or core). We go to the unconscious control mechanisms (a pattern, a survival mechanism, a limiting thought, trauma) that prevents you from living authentically from your true self. Using various tools, we let the unconscious speak and you learn to be present in the moment with what is. You learn to feel and express what is alive in you. See and place your life story in a new perspective. Feel, explore and state boundaries. Express what you need and organize your life your way. You start to see, appreciate and love yourself (again).

Therapy can be effective with:
  • ADHD / ADD and attention disorders
  • anxiety
  • burn-out
  • depressive feelings
  • eating disorders
  • addiction
  • feeling tired of life
  • high sensitivity


Background and origin of symptoms

Many of these symptoms arise from becoming alienated or disconnected from (a part or parts of) yourself. Often because feeling is turned off by events in your life, sometimes already at a very young age. Or because feeling has never been taught. A disturbed self-image arises. Or a self that is no longer experienced at all. You withdraw and numb yourself by doing things, working hard, drinking, using drugs or eating. Or it turns the other way and you start living to be seen and get your reason of being through validation from others and a life that is directed to the outside world. In either case, you are no longer (properly) in touch with yourself which ultimately leaves you feeling that you no longer know who you are and what is important to you or what purpose your life has at all.

By reconnecting with yourself and regaining self-direction over your life, healing is possible on many levels. That which is healed at the soul level works its way through to all other layers of being, physical, mental and emotional.

The way back to love

We live in a world where there is so much going on, where every human being has to deal with trauma, big or small, from yourself in this life or passed on within the family or even from the collective. Only we often don't learn to deal with trauma or pain. Next, we grow up in conditional love. Most of the times we learn when we matter, when we are good enough and when not. We learn to adapt and survive. Sometimes to the point that we lose touch with ourselves and our inner world. When there is no room for authentic expression and pain is suppressed and not expressed, it takes on a life of its own and finds a way out through "unhealthy or unwanted" behavior. However, it is in acknowledging and facing the trauma that the path to healing can be found. By learning to just be with your pain, sadness or anger, space is created inside you and healing can take place.

Therefore it is essential to (learn to) feel and express what is inside and to embrace yourself with all that is - in pure love! 


The healing is in the feeling