Willemijn - My coaching trajectory with Anne made me reconnect with myself. I am very grateful for the inner journey I was able to make.

Silke - I learned to appreciate, accept and embrace myself in love again thanks to Anne. Her sessions were warm, personal and inspiring. She listens to you, she sees you and asks the right questions to make you think differently and more deeply. She makes you search within yourself because in the end that is where most of the answers can be found. She taught me to see all the light and dark sides of myself and to embrace them. I have grown enormously during the process. I am grateful for all her valuable help.

Joanne - Anne helped me a lot, she asks good questions and really let me look for the answer inside me.

Brit - Anne has helped me tremendously during a difficult time to come to insights and, most importantly, find peace. Her sessions were personal, warm and very valuable to me. I look back on the process with a big smile and am enormously grateful for everything I was able to learn from/through her.

Arjen - Thank you for the beautiful sessions Anne. Thank you for reflecting firmness to me, for challenging me to stay with myself, for creating a space and freedom for aspects of me to appear seriously and playfully in my awareness. Thank you so much for you. Valuable and I definitely enjoyed it too.

Mark - Each session was of priceless value and helped me to be able to make the next steps I have been trying to make on my own for the past 10 years. I am very grateful for that and will take that with me forever. 

Paulien - Anne, thank you for helping me gain insight into what I want, but more importantly what I can do! Your questions were not always fun and often confrontational but always of great value. Thank you!

Jessica - Anne is a sparkling and pure personality who radiates energy and where you can be yourself. During the sessions Anne listens attentively, she catches the right signals and knows how to summarize everything. She gives clear feedback and makes you dare to listen to your heart. She ensured that I dare to believe in my own power again and that I can look at myself and others without judgement. I got a lot of energy from the sessions with Anne. At the end of each session I had tools I could work with. 

Meri - Through Anne I gained strength, courage and inspiration to recognize, accept and then overcome my deepest fears and bears on the road ... from within myself, from my own intrinsic motivation. Anne is warm, attentive, critical, curious, empathetic and purposeful. She digs deep to find the core but in such a warm way that it feels safe and familiar. Anne thank you, you showed me that who I am and feel immediately affects what I do and how I do it....



Barbara - Someone who guides you intensively beforehand so that you can (and dare! Someone who knows exactly which dose is optimal for you so that you will not be disappointed by the result; Someone who has done it many times before and therefore understands like no other your experience during the 'trip' and can empathize with you; Someone who, through extensive practical experience with guiding others, knows which obstacles and challenges you may encounter and can guide you through them; Someone who puts you 100% first during the entire process and who 'senses' your needs from his or her own trip experiences. Someone to whom you can completely surrender so that you dare to express what feels right for you at that moment without any shame or guilt. 

And that's Anne 100%!!!

I am convinced that she has found her life mission in guiding people and can help many with her talents (and of course "feeling" for the workings of the truffle).  

I found it quite scary to embark on this "journey inward" and surrender to the impact of the truffle (although I think it's also healthy to be a little nervous about it if you've never experienced it before) but thanks to Anne, it was a magical and life-changing event for me for which I am very grateful. Moreover, her choice of music exactly matched the "waves" and duration of the trip. This really enhanced it for me. I wish everyone a therapist like Anne and hope she may support many more people on their way back to themselves! 

Sanne - Looking for a truffle ceremony with 1-on-1 guidance, I found Anne. After our initial phone contact, we scheduled an intake via video call. I experienced the extensive intake as very pleasant, and it gave me confidence. We did the ceremony at my home; very nice that this was possible! Immediately upon arrival, the feeling was good and familiar. Anne guided me in a very pleasant way, and sensed very well what was needed. After the ceremony we talked extensively. I look back on a valuable experience with beautiful guidance, which was well worth the investment. Anne is a very pleasant and loving person and knows how to create a great setting. I can recommend her guidance to everyone.