The only way is in

In guiding you, I use all that is in me and comes from years of practice, exploration and study in coaching, therapy, yoga, meditation, Jungian depth psychology, shamanism and tantra.

Family systems: Father, mother and child

Much of the conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior stem from the family you grew up in. By looking specifically at the position you held as a child and the presence of your father and mother within the family, you gain insight into specific parts and behaviors of yourself.  

Shadow work

Nowadays a hot topic "shadow work" and very relevant to look at in yourself: Shadow and shadow parts. The parts you do not (yet) see or recognize in yourself, but which are mirrored to you in the outside world. This can be both positive and negative, both from irritation and admiration. What is being mirrored in the outside world and what does that have to do with yourself? What can't or won't you see in yourself, but presents itself in people/situations in your life? The purpose of shadow work is to recognize and integrate these shadow parts so that you become a more whole human being.


Dreams are a product of the unconscious and can have a very clear message, but often wrapped in symbolic language. When we get to work with dreams, you start to give meaning to the different elements/symbols in the dream to get the message clear for yourself.

Active Imagination or Hypnosis

Sometimes I use active or guided imagination. This is a form of hypnosis in which you can go to parts of yourself that are not so easy to access. In imagination or hypnosis, you are still just consciously present, but your attention is directed inward, going beyond the mind and connecting with the unconscious and parts of yourself that are stored there. Experiences or beliefs stored in the unconscious can unconsciously control or block your life and life energy. By bringing awareness into your unconscious parts and shining light on them, you can become free of them.

Psychedelic Integration Sessions

With my experience in working with psychedelics and plant medicines, I get many requests for psychedelic integration sessions. Similar to working with dreams, we get to work with specific content (memories, symbols, messages) from the unconsciouss that came up in the psychedelic experience and integrate it into your give meaning to it.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

C.G. Jung