Brit - Anne has helped me tremendously during a difficult time in my life to come to insights and above all to experience peace again. Her sessions have been personal, warm and very valuable to me. I look back on the journey with a big smile and I am enormously grateful for everything I was able to learn from/through her.

Arjen - Thank you for the beautiful sessions Anne. Thank you for reflecting firmness, for challenging me to stay with myself, for creating a space and freedom to let aspects of me appear in my awareness seriously and playfully. Thank you so much for being you. Precious and I definitely enjoyed it too.

Sanne - Anne is a very lovely person, and I immediately felt at ease with her. I did a 1 on 1 truffle ceremony with her, and Anne guided me wonderfully through this. She was very patient, pleasant presence and had a great sense of what I needed. A most pleasant experience that I can highly recommend.

Mark - Each session was of priceless value and helped me to be able to make the steps I have been trying to make on my own for the past 10 years. I am very grateful for that and will take that with me forever. 

Jessica - Anne is a bubbly and pure personality who radiates energy and where you can be yourself. During the sessions Anne listens attentively, she catches the right signals and knows how to summarize everything well. She gives clear feedback and makes you dare to listen to your heart. She ensured that I dare to believe in my own power again and that I can look at myself and others without judgment. I got a lot of energy from the sessions with Anne. At the end of each session I had tools I could work with. 

Meri - Anne gave me strength, courage and inspiration to recognize, accept and overcome my deepest fears and bears on the road... from within myself, from my own intrinsic motivation. Anne is warm, attentive, critical, curious, empathetic and purposeful. She digs deep to find the core but in such a warm way that it feels safe and familiar. Anne thank you, you showed me that who I am and how I feel immediately affects what I do and how I do it....